Corporate Plans

Different plans with graduated coverage levels structured to fit your budget.


The benefits covered by each plan has been check marked
Benefits Metro Mini Metro Midi Metro Maxi Metro PPP
General Outpatient Consultation
Specialist Consultation
Admission & Feeding General Room Semi-private Room Private Room Private Room
In-Patient Accommodation
Physiotherapy & Physiotherapeutic Appliances
Plain X-rays, Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests
Emergency Services
Prescribed Medications/Drugs for Covered Conditions
Routine Immunization ( National Immunization Schedule)
Antenatal Care and Delivery (Normal and Assisted)
Neonatal care – ( Cord Care, Physiologic Jaundice, Ophthalmia Neonatrum)
Post Natal Care – 6 Weeks Post Delivery
Paediatric Care
Primary Dental Care ( Fillings, Scaling & Polishing, Non- Surgical Extractions)
Secondary Dental Care ( Surgical Extraction)
Eye Glasses (or Contact Lenses) Up to N7,000 Up to N22,000 Up to N30,000 Up to N40,000
Family Planning – Counselling and Commodities
HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
Intensive Care
Incubator and NICU
Advanced and Complex Investigations (including CT Scan, EEG, Echocardiogram)
Additional Immunization for 0-5 years (HIB, MMR, Pneumococcal)
Additional Immunization for 6 years and above (Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B)
Minor Surgeries & Procedures
Intermediate Surgeries and Procedures
Major Surgeries and Procedures
Mangement of chronic conditions
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