Sweet Sixties Plans


The benefits covered by each plan has been check marked
Benefits Metro Maxi Metro PPP
General Outpatient Consultation
Specialist Consultation
Admission & Feeding Private Room Private Room
In-Patient Accommodation
Physiotherapy & Physiotherapeutic Appliances
Plain X-rays, Laborartory & Diagnostic Tests
Emergency Services
Prescribed Medications/Drugs for Covered Conditions
Routine Immunization ( National Immunization Schedule)
Antenatal Care and Delivery (Normal and Assisted)
Neonatal care – ( Cord Care, Physiologic Jaundice, Ophthalmia Neonatrum)
Post Natal Care – 6 Weeks Post Delivery
Paediatric Care
Primary Dental Care ( Fillings, Scaling & Polishing, Non- Surgical Extractions)
Secondary Dental Care ( Surgical Extraction)
Eye Glasses (or Contact Lenses) Up to N30,000 Up to N40,000
Family Planning – Counselling and Commodities
HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
Intensive Care
Incubator and NICU
Advanced and Complex Investigations (including CT Scan , EEG, Echocardiogram)
Additional Immunization for 0-5 years (HIB, MMR, Pneumcoccal)
Additional Immunization for 6 years & above (Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B)
Minor Surgeries & Procedures
Intermediate Surgeries and Procedures
Major Surgeries and Procedures
Mangement of chronic conditions
Annual Premium (Per individual)
₦ 160, 000

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₦ 300, 000

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